Sunday, February 14, 2010

Window shopping

As the clock ticks, I was advised by friends and family to start a list of items I would need when I move in. I think the intention was to populate the list with things like garbage cans, fire extinguisher, cleaning supplies, batteries, etc, which I fully intend to purchase. However my wish list has grown to include new bed frame and light fixtures.

This is my planned bed frame for my new master. It's an IKEA Malm double bed in a a dark brown / black wood. Color scheme for the master is neutral with splashes of color coming from bed linens and accessories in green and grey/silver which will contrast well with dark wood in the bed frame and my side tables as well as the walls and the Berber carpet. The windows plan is wood / faux wood blinds in white in order to blend them with the window frame and trim.

As well, I am keeping my eyes open for light fixtures. I plan to keep the builders fixtures for the first while in most places but it's nice to look and consider the kitchen. I have alot of natural light from the window but I want to see what they lighting will be like once the sun goes down. I want something that is interesting as guests will be able to see kitchen light fixtures from the dining room in the open concept. This would be the light fixture for the kitchen nook.

And this is her sister for the kitchen's main working area.

BUT my first and foremost purchase will be a garage door opener. I have always dreamed of having a garage to park my car in and in 1 month 4 weeks and 2 days, that dream will come true. I've decided that either a belt or chain drive type of garage door opener will do as my garage will underneath my dining room so it's not a big deal with noise.

It's good to have a plan.

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  1. I've heard belt drive are the best to go with, they are much quieter, but if it comes down to $ then go with the chain.