Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More pictures

Well, it's been a crazy day with Mr. Flaherty's mortgage announcement and trying to figure out if it will affect me. After reading and researching, I am thinking "no" but life is full of surprises. To make myself feel better, I thought I would post a few more pics.

Awkward shot of the kitchen - fridge and stove will be along this wall.

Living Room - window facing west. This one was taken from the top of the stairs leading downstairs.

Breakfast bar from the Living Room

Go Canada Go!!!


  1. Wow...things are really taking shape. How exciting!

    I saw the changes in mortgage rules too. So long as you qualify for a 5-year fixed mortgage, you should be golden. The other two changes shouldn't impact you unless you're planning on flipping the home. But I wonder if these changes screw people who were previously pre-approved and just are waiting for their house to close?

  2. It is very exciting!

    My broker indicated I wouldn't be affected because I would close before the April 19 deadline. If I missed closing, I would still be OK with the 5 year fixed mortgage...

  3. Nice to see the place coming along so well.
    I'm hoping this change wont affect me either, especially since I have the 35yr amortized...