Saturday, January 30, 2010

Progress....with a dash of Mike Holmes

Well, I am officially 2 and 1/2 months away from closing. As each day passes and I get closer to the big day, I am creating To-Do lists, sorting items that are to be donated, packing things up that I won't be using in the next 10 weeks. I've been asked by a number of friends "Why are you packing so early?" and I simply respond with "So I don't have to do it later". Because before I know it, it will be later...

Since I have been so busy and pre-occupied with the inside of my new home, it dawned on me that I didn't know what colour the outside of my house would be. So, earlier this week, I emailed my customer care coordinator, Steve, and asked him what my exterior colours would be. His response was as follows:

  • Brick - Aztec Sandstone Buff
  • Siding - Sandcastle
  • Fronto Door - Trading Post P2053-5
  • Garage Door - Saddlery Tan
  • Shingles - Oakwood or Heatherwood
Now, I went to the Sales Centre to try and get a picture of the colors but the front desk assistant wasn't really sure of the colours with the exception of the brick. The brick will actually be a reddish-orange color which I am happy about. And if the samples on the display are indicative of the other items, it will have lovely curb appeal. Since I forgot my camera, I have no pictorial of my visit.

Before I went to the Sales Centre, I stopped by the house to see if anything was new. I peeked through the front door and lo and behold, sheetrock was piled in the laundry room AND it was actually ON the walls going up the stairs. I peeked upstairs and noticed that the insulation was done with the vapour barrier. I also wanted to check that the duct joints were taped - a little something I picked up on Holmes on Homes this morning. Thanks Mike - duct joints were taped!

And finally, kudos to the construction workers working on Block 46 - it was incredibly cold and windy this morning and you guys were working hard! I'll bring coffees next time I stop by!!

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