Friday, January 8, 2010

Kitchen completion

It's funny how life works sometimes. When I went into The Brick today, I fully expected to walk in and walk out and be done with it. What I didn't expect was to purchase appliances that I had admired but thought were out of the realm of possibility. Well, thanks to Melis, I was purchased a couple of Samsung appliances.

Refrigerator - 19 cu ft Bottom Mount Refrigerator

This refrigerator is one nice looking cooler! With a blue LED front panel, this baby has tempered glass shelves and a movable fresh box. And being Energy Star is also a nice bonus. My fridge will be black but I couldn't find a picture anywhere to post.

Stove - Samsung 5.7 cu ft

This stove has a steam clean feature with a 5th stove top element meant for warming. This will be a great relief to have when it's my turn to host Christmas! Again, I couldn't locate a picture which shows the appliance in black so use your imagination.

Dishwasher - Whirlpool Tall Tub

I stuck with Whirlpool for a couple of reasons. Price being one of them. And the fact that I wanted to stick to one of my original choices. This appliance has the Energy Star rating as well.

All in all, it was an excellent and surprisingly affordable experience. With my credit from Mattamy, my out of pocket expenses were less than I expected. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that The Brick will deliver my appliances prior to closing and Mattamy will install them. What could be better?

With such a pleasant experience with Melis at The Brick, it is very likely I will return there to purchase my washer and dryer, which, coincidentally, are Samsung....


  1. Hi Shannon,

    I love the fact that we got some of the same appliances!! That's awesome! Just a side note though- Brick doesn't carry Samsung Laundry sets, but they do have Brada which I was told is a Samsung re-brand. Good luck and happy shopping!!!


  2. Thanks NDH - Melis talked me into the Samsung and I'm so glad he did! Actually, The Brick does carry the Samsung VRT (Model 218) - Melis showed me them today - again, love love love them! Won't be getting the pedestals as they make the machines much too high to fold laundry for a shorty like me!

  3. Hi Shannon,
    Looks like everything is coming along nicely! We can't wait to see your finished home!! Let me know if I can help before or after the move. I have the time just give me a call. Diane