Saturday, January 16, 2010

A gift wrapped house and other Saturday stuff

Since I haven't been out to the site for a while, I thought I would venture out this morning and see what I could see. I discovered that my house was gift wrapped - all that was needed was a pretty little bow on top! I managed to peek in the front door and could see framing done with electrical roughed in. I could see my door to the garage, rough in for powder room plumbing and in the distance I could see the furnace. I didn't venture inside as the workers were there and I didn't want to interrupt. But I do expect my framewalk in the next week or two so I'll charging the camera battery and getting my tape measure, pen and paper ready for measurements.

I also started comparison shopping for my washer and dryer. Now, let me clarify an issue here. I originally thought I wanted Samsung VRT however I am also now considering LG series. Both offer the same options that I want - it's just a matter of prying the wallet from my hands, opening it and handing over my Mastercard. Not an easy thing to do for a frugal Frannie like myself.

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