Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Floor Plan to Framing

So today was a BIG day in the life of Honeygate Happiness with the arrival of the framewalk! This morning, I met Adrian at the house after acquiring a stylish blue hard hat from the Construction office. Adrian and I met on the main floor and to say the least, I was so happy! It's a surreal experience to see something materialize from a floor plan to framing. The framing is complete, rough ins for plumbing and electrical are done, windows are installed. Adrian and I reviewed all the upgrades, both structural and design, on all three floors and made notes as we went along. From a newbie perspective, everything looks fine to me.

And the big question - should I anticipate any more delays? To which Adrian replied, no. Woo-hoo! He told me that April 13 is looking very good and that any scheduling for deliveries and movers can be done for that time. Holy moley!

Up next, there will be a framing inspection and once that's been approved, insulation and drywall will begin. I've included a couple of shots (out of 127) that I took today. I was told by many people to take many pictures and so I obliged. Enjoy...

Dining Room

Living Room #1 - looking from Kitchen

Living Room - top of stairs from Foyer

Breakfast Bar - looking into Kitchen