Saturday, July 4, 2009

Decisions decisions

After COUNTLESS visits to the Design Centre to date, I have made most of my final design decisions. With the help of my own personal interior designer and forever fabulous friend Fiona, my home is finally coming together. I hope you'll agree.




Just to clarify - hardwood in Great Room / Dining Room, ceramic in powder room, foyer and carpeting on stairs, bedrooms and upstairs hallway.

The only issue that remains is carpeting. Today, my friend Fiona noted my original carpet choice had a pink-ish tone to it that I did not notice. This was confirmed by a good looking gentleman also at the design centre who offered an alternative selection. Fine and dandy - until I got home and priced out what this whole circus was going to cost me. Unfortunately his carpet choice exceeded my budget and I am now left in a conundrum. Standard (which is included) or Berber (which will cost me extra $$)...

Nobody said this would be easy. Whew!

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