Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waiting Game

I've noticed something strange over the last couple of weeks. I am participating in a waiting game that will be played for at least another 7 months. Ever since the design centre appointments have been put to bed, I am continously asking myself "Is it built yet?" knowing full well there's not even a hole in the ground.

Although this post contributes absolutely nothing to the home building process, I will post a picture of George Clooney just to make it more of an interesting read.


  1. HA! The sad part is I was COMPLETELY sucked in by the picture of Delicious- I mean George. *drool* lol..

  2. Does George come with the house??? If so, can I get one???

  3. George doesn't come with the house but wouldn't that be dreamy if he did? Waiting at my front door with a glass of wine and relaxing massage...