Sunday, June 14, 2009

Totally Floored (But Not Really)

I have quickly come to realize that interior design choices can be daunting. In order to keep a minute piece of my sanity, I woke up yesterday morning with the intent of heading out to the design centre to start to tackle my choices. I decided the best way to tackle this task was to break the choices down into more manageable tasks. So yesterday was flooring day.

The powder room is incredbly easy as flooring is really the only choice. AND I have learned from a high number of design mags and model homes, the foyer ceramic tile can be carried into the powder room. So that is what I have done. I have the tile narrowed down to a tile called "Mouse Beige". Sounds incredibly exciting I know but it goes well with the wall colour and the potential carpet for the stairs.

In the main bathroom, I discovered my tub, toilet and sink are white with chrome fixtures. As my main bathroom will not have window, I tried to establish a dark choice and light choice. On the dark side, my tile is called "Banff Black", which resembles a slate tile. On the lighter side, the potential tile is "Banff Light Beige" (see Mouse Beige above).

In the main hallway, all stairs, master bedroom and guest bedroom, the carpet of choice will be a mushroom brown carpet. One of the standards available however I will be adding the upgraded Superpad underpad for increased comfort on the footises.

And finally, the piece-de-resistance, the hardwood floors in the dining room / great room. My original choice way back in the beginning, was a honey colour type of hardwood. However, after spending a couple of hours at the design centre yesterday, I have a few choices which I'm considering. And they are:
  • Riviera Red Oak - Cherry (Plank)
  • Riviera Red Oak - Medium Brown (Strip)
  • Riviera Red Oak - Truffle (Plank)

I am REALLY leaning towards the Medium Brown as I just love the colour. My second choice would be the truffle which is a darker hardwood so we'll see what happens.

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