Thursday, June 11, 2009

One down - one to go...

Well, my first design appointment is behind me. I managed to keep my wits about me and get out of there after only spending a mininal amount of moola.

Erin , my design consultant, was helpful and friendly and made the experience a little less frightning. We started out with Erin showing me the placement of all light fixtures and their switches. We then plotted the placement of my 2+1 cable and 3 phone outlets (additional cable outlet was an upgrade). This was actually a little more challenging than I thought. Because I can't see the room or my furniture layout, I had to rely strictly on my floorplan. Not an easy thing to do.

The appointment continued with me selecting standard bathtub, faucets, sinks, doors, windows, railings. I did upgrade to a black hood fan in the kitchen and included a central A/C rough in as planned. I did not include home security or garage door opener. Too much $$ in my humble opinion. Erin also indicated the plan includes a rough in for central VAC which will be helpful in the future.

I have until June 16th to make changes and I have made an inquiry as to how many outlets are in the kitchen - Erin indicated they were placed every 6 ft however I want to make sure I have enough in the kitchen! I would like to add an outlet or two on the mainfloor so I have until Tuesday to work it all out.

My next appointment (unscheduled at time of this publication) will be the BIG one. I am currently working out my budget and it's looking promising - I'm thinking my wish list will be a reality!


  1. Hi Shannon,

    Just curious, I know it was a while ago, but do you remember the quote for the A/C rough in, security and garage...just curious (though could probably do the last two myself).


  2. Hi Nessie,

    If I recall correctly, the A/C rough at the time was ~ $600.