Thursday, April 8, 2010

PDI done!!

Today was PDI day and it was a busy one. The PDI itself was good - Mark from Mattamy took his time with all the rooms and made note of all issues that were of concern to me and Mike.

The number of deficiencies totalled 51. 48 were minor cosmetic issues (e.g. paint chips, nicks in trim, carpet pulls, etc) with 3 `major` issues. The major issues concerned missing backsplash in the kitchen (which is funny considering the upgrades list was taped to the kitchen window!), missing screens on all the windows (another giggly funny) and finally, a water issue in the utility room. This one concerns me because it seems to be coming from the copper line in the furnace. When Mark saw the pooling issue in the utility room and laundry room, he immediately phoned the builder, Adrian, who was obviously less than impressed with the work. It was noted on my PDI and I am confident it will be resolved by closing time. As well, they will clean up all the flooring and trim that was affected so it`s all good.

I managed to snap a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Main bathroom

Master Bedroom

Great Room

Dining Room - view from Great Room

Great Room - view from Dining Room

Unfortunately no pictures of the kitchen. The dishwasher was in the middle of the room and all of our documents, jackets, cell phones and general crap was on the breakfast bar so it would not have made a nice shot. However, my fridge and stove have been installed and they look marvelous. As well, I can`t be 100% sure but I do believe my counter top is the exact match to my parents house!

The colors all blend well together and the natural light is amazing - I couldn`t be more relieved and satisfied!

With 5 days to go, I can`t believe this will all come to an end!


  1. Shannon, it looks fantastic!! I love the hardwood! I'm so happy for you. CONGRATS!

  2. Thanks! I was so happy with the way everything came together!

  3. Wow Shannon, it really looks great! You are going to love it! Congrats for sure!

  4. Looks great! I was also missing all my window screens at the beginning of my pdi and were noted down. When I was leaving, they were being dropped off.

  5. Fabulous Shannon! We are so happy for you and I know your mind must be in even more of a whirl now that you are so close!! Congratulations. Diane

  6. Fernwater - it was funny cause I opened the window and thought something was amiss. I was thinking out loud when I said "Aren't there supposed to be screens on these windows?". One thing I will have to change is the light bulbs in the main bathroom. We were in there doing our inspection and it got pretty hot fast!

  7. Hi Diane,

    Thanks so much! You and the B'town gang will have to come for a visit this summer!