Saturday, May 23, 2009

Appliance Compliance

As an incentive when I purchased the house, three kitchen appliances were included. I learned the appliances were Frigidaire models and of course, were the cheapest ones available from The Brick. I also discovered that I can upgrade the appliances and pay the difference. Shopping for appliances is not the easiest thing to do (as is everything thus far!). As a very "detail oriented" person, I am doing research left, right and centre and I have made a couple of decisions.

First, my kitchen appliances will be BLACK. Although stainless steel did come in a close second.

After consulting a number of consumer websites and reports, I have decided on a Bosch Evolution 300 dishwasher.

I have also made a decision about a laundry pair. Although really quite nice, front loader washer and dryers are just too expensive and too large for me as a single gal. So I have decided on the Whirpool pair below. And yes, I have decided to go RED.

Where are the refrigerator and stove, you may ask? Well, those are still being researched. Although I am leaning towards LG appliances. They are sleek and stylish and a little more pricey than others so if anyone has ANY suggestions, I am wide open!

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